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Communicate your unique story on video

Do you have a video on your website? Now, more than ever, web visitors are searching for web video content and your website can stand above the competition by adding interesting and informative web videos.


Video Production Services

Polaris Video Production Company offers a full line of custom video services. We can assist you with a storyboard, and scripting your production. We use industry-standard 3-chip HD digital cameras combined with special effects and innovative camera work. The audio and video are captured using various microphones and professional lighting to add charm and character to your production. We then use a non-linear computer editing system to create a professional presentation with impact.

We invite you to meet with us for a free video consultation and to see a sample video

Promotional Video

Perhaps you’re a member of a civic association, not-for-profit agency, or house of worship. Allow a Polaris Productions promotional video to instill a “call to action” among members of your group or the general public. One of our videos was shown at a benefit concert to raise funds and support to aid a family in the adoption of a child from an international orphanage.

Allow video technology to:

  • Create awareness in the community
  • Recruit new members
  • Motivate members to action
  • Assist your organization in a capital fundraising campaign

Marketing Video

Would you like to market your service or business on TV? One of our clients has a video advertisement on PCTV in Pottstown. Please give us a call to discuss how we can showcase your service, product, or event to the community on local television.

Instructional Video

Do you have knowledge that you would like to share with others? Do people often admire your work and ask you, “ How do you do that?” Then consider having your skill marketed in a “How to” instructional video.

Streaming Web Video

Take any section of your video, and we’ll put it on the Internet, for anyone in the world to watch.

Video Biography – The Art of Story Telling

“The story within the story” – those priceless anecdotes that define each persons unique existence. The Video Biography is a “short form” story of someone’s life. It is produced by combining a collection of different video segments (photographs, old 8mm film, archival footage and new video) mixed with audio tracks, (made up of narratives from different family members) and background music carefully chosen to set the mood for each segment. On average the entire production runs about 15 minutes. The Video Biography has also become an integral part of the Bar / Bat Mitzvah candle lighting ceremony. Family and friends enjoy a professionally produced production combining photos, music, family video clips, and recent interviews, to depict the life of the Bar / Bat Mitzvah young person.


Athletic scholarships are very hard to achieve. An athlete must stand out in the crowd to make an impact and gain consideration from top institutions. VideoScout video CDs take an athlete’s successes and promotes them as if the student were on the front page of a newspaper. VideoScout CDs contain high quality interactive videos that promote each athlete uniquely in 45 minutes or less. Each promotional CD also contains sections that showcase game highlights. This gives a scout or recruiter a really good look at an athlete’s skills as well as training potential. Along with game footage, VideoScout CDs contain a personal video message from the athlete’s current and/or past coaches. VideoScout CDs also contain a personal message from the student athlete sending the video. Students can promote themselves athletically and academically in this video clip. Having a personal message from the student allows scouts and recruiters to get a real sense of the personality behind the athlete.

Theatrical Productions

Does your family member participate in dance recitals, musicals, or stage plays? Is there an upcoming graduation ceremony? If so, talk to the event producer and Polaris about having us capture the event on video. Copies will be made available on DVD.

Tribute Photo Montage

Photo montage videos are great gift ideas for showing at tribute parties (wedding, anniversary, birthday, and retirement) . Your photos are artistically compiled into a compelling statement and set to music. Use a series of pictures from various occasions or themes. i.e. family generations, (great grandparents to grandparents to parents weddings, etc.) You put the photos in order; we help you select the music.

Tribute Photo Montage with Video

This offer combines the traditional photo montage (listed above) with video interviews of friends, family and coworkers. This production is also great for showing at tribute parties.

Video Presented at Tribute Event

We can show the tribute video on a big screen at your event to add excitement! • Service includes: large projection screen, DVD player, and sound system (set up and operate system)

Memorial Photo Montage

The Memorial Montage is used to honor the life of a loved one that had passed. It is generally incorporated into a funeral or memorial service. 30 photos, two songs plus nature scenes for transitions and tranquil backgrounds provides a 4 to 6 minute video that will pay tribute to your loved one and make a positive impact on the people who see it. This montage is produced promptly – usually within 48 hours. Copies will be made available on DVD.